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Austrian ARVO Chapter Affiliate invited HARVO to a joint symposium organized on 2nd June 2011 at the 52th congress of the Austrian Ophthalmological Society. Congress venue was Mayrhofen of the spectacular Tirol.
Detailed program was published int he supplementum of Spektrum der Augenheilkunde, the official journal of the Austrian Ophthalmological Society.
Among the hungarian participants with the generous support of A-ARVO travel grants were awarded to Illés Kovács to attend the ARVO 2012. annual meeting and Katalin Tóth-Kovács to attend  EVER 2011. meeting.
Moderator: L. Schmetterer, President: J. Németh, S. Binder
1. B. Bogner, A. Trost, F. Schroedl, C. Strohmaier, C. Runge, G. Grabner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): Is there a link between aquaporin expression and intra ocular pressure regulation?
2. A. Trost, F. Schroedl, B. Bogner, C. Strohmaier, G. Grabner, L. Aigner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): Comparative characterization of choroidal and retinal pericytes.
3. H. Reitsamer, A. Trost, B. Bogner, C. Strohmaier, L. Aigner, C. Runge, F. Schrödl (Salzburg): Pericytes may play a role in choroidal blood flow regulation – first evidence
4. C. Strohmaier, D. Link, B. Seiffert, G. Grabner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): Retinal vessel diameter analysis in the rat: First functional Results
5. F. Schrödl, C. Strohmaier, B. Bogner, A. Trost, G. Grabner, D. Nickla, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): Neuronal control of choroidal accommodation: a morphological perspective
6. C. Runge, B. Bogner, H. Brandtner, C. Strohmaier, F. Schrödl, G. Grabner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): The effect of PACAP on choroidal blood flow regulation in anesthetized rabbits
7. H. Brandtner, C. Runge, C. Strohmaier, B. Bogner, F. Schrödl, G. Grab- Bemerkungen
ner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): Central nervous stimulation: The effect of L-NAME on the stimulation-response curve
8. C. Strohmaier, B. Bogner, A. Trost, C. Runge, F. Schrödl, G. Grabner, H. Reitsamer (Salzburg): From lab books towards data mining: Electronic science documentation in at the Eye Clinic Salzburg and its european collaboration partners
9. K. Lorenz, J. Troger, O. Gramlich, R. Fischer-Colbrie, E. Schmid, G. Haas, N. Bechrakis (Mainz): PE-11, a peptide derived from chromogranin B, in the rat eye
10. G. Petrovski, A. Facskó, Z. Sarang, R. Albert, E. Johnsen, R. Frøen, B. Nicolaissen, M. Moe, A. Berta (Debrecen, Oslo): Activated neuroepithelial progenitor cells are present in the vitreous of mice with proliferative vitreoretinopathy
11. I. Fejes, P. Kocsis, M. Janáky (Szeged): Interocular differences on testing the function of the central retina in normal subjects
12. A. Garas, A. Papp, G. Holló (Budapest): Influence of age-related macular degeneration on glaucoma measurements made with the RTVue Fourier-domain OCT
13. I. Kovács, C. Luna, S. Quirce, M. C. Acosta, C. Belmonte, J. Gallar (Budapest, San Juan de Alicante): Increased activity of corneal sensory receptors in an experimental model of dry eye
14. K. Toth-Kovacs, Z. Pamer, O. Rideg, A. Kovacs, S. Fekete, Z. Biro, GL. Kovacs (Pecs): Association of Alzheimer’s disease and age-related macular degeneration in South-Western Hungary
15. K. Kránitz, J. Németh, Z. Z. Nagy (Budapest): Characteristics of corneal reshapening in progressive keratoconus after cross-linking therapy assessed by Scheimpflug-camera
16. M. Jager: What is new in melanoma research? Honorary guest lecture

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